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Mission: HVAC 2015 – Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce…Today

by | Jan 27, 2015 | Mission HVAC

Read any trade journal…it’s headline news. The skilled trades, including the HVAC field, face a worrisome future as many skilled workers will be retiring over the next several years with few replacements.

And for those entering the field, a quality education will arm them with the knowledge and hands-on experience that’s highly sought after by employers…but the costs associated with that education can be high.

That’s why we set out on a mission to educate for success in 2015 with our first-ever Mission: HVAC, Educating for Success program.

Throughout the course of several months, we followed three students – Daniel Buth, Josue Trejo and Matt Morris – as they navigated through the trade program at Athens Technical College in Athens, Ga. Each month, we gave them a challenge that not only tested their classroom learnings, but also their real-life experiences and skills. How they decided to approach the task at-hand was up to them…but the goal was for them to share their new-found knowledge with others to help shed some light on the hard work and dedication students apply to receiving a technical education.

Daniel, Josue and Matt were also rewarded for completion of all assigned missions, each earning $5,000 to put toward the cost of their education and help prepare them for future employment.

Meet the Students:

Daniel Buth

Friends would likelShurtape Mission Program - Daniel Buthy describe Daniel Buth as friendly and personable. Two traits he hopes to carry over to a career in the HVAC field…especially since he enjoys meeting new people, visiting new places and making new friends. He also genuinely loves people and views a career in the HVAC field as an opportunity to learn – about new sources of energy being introduced in HVAC performance systems, how to perform installations and how to educate customers about the industry in general.

Originally from Romania, Daniel is a business-minded individual. He’s kept busy over the past seven years with two different businesses that he started – the first a precision machining shop where he manufactured machinery for the tool and die industry; the second a masonry business that specialized in European hard coat and synthetic stucco.

Upon graduation from Athens Tech, Daniel wants to start his own HVAC business, for which he hopes to have two fully equipped vans and hire certified technicians.

Josue Trejo

Although Josue Trejo began his college career in marketing, he quickly switched his major to HVAC after spending a summer working with a refrigeration company. He couldn’t pass up the rewarding experience of fixing a piece of equipment that’s essential to a business or household. Working out in the field, going from jobsite to jobsite, and having the ability to troubleshoot something different or put together entire stores were additional perks of making the switch.

But, for Josue, the most exciting part of a career in HVAC is that the job involves knowledge of multiple trades and offers the ability to never stop learning – both of which are important to him.

Josue graduated in December 2015 from Athens Technical College with plans to secure a great job and eventually start his own company.

Matt Morris

Shurtape Mission Program - Thomas (Matt) MorrisAs a father of two, Matt Morris chose a career in the HVAC field for job security. He also finds the satisfaction of helping others to be a very rewarding experience. The HVAC career path is also perfect for Matt since he enjoys working with his hands and has a knack for mechanics – when he was growing up, he loved to take things apart to see how they worked and then would put them back together again.

Matt graduated in May 2016 from Athens Technical College and hopes to find a job in the field, become certified and eventually own his own business.

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