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Protect Your Reputation at Every Step.

No one knows better than you that your reputation is everything. That’s why we’ve created products to help you do a superior job, from prep to painting to clean up. It’s also why we created this site. You’ll find all the information you need to decide which product is right for which job. You’ll also find ideas, inspiration and other resources to help you succeed as a business professional, building and protecting your reputation from one job to the next.

Pro Tape Selector

The ShurPRO tape selector is here to help you pick the right tape for your next paint project.

Paint and masking tools

Pro protection starts with the right tape. Learn the fundamentals with our video series.

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Picking the Right Tape for the Job

Picking the Right Tape for the Job

Even the most experienced pros can save time and money with the proper selection and application of tape. While there are plenty of specialty tapes available for unusual surfaces or situations, the vast majority of painting jobs use these six categories of tape – choosing the right one for the application will make your job easier and ensure great results.