Tape-Related Skills

Picking the Right Tape for the Job

Find out how to choose the best tape for your next project.

Multi-Surface and Delicate Surface FrogTape products.
Man applying tape to home with vinyl siding.

Clean Removal Time

Understand this key characteristic that manufacturers use to categorize various tapes.

Man painting on brick fireplace where FrogTape multi-surface is used.

Surface Types

How the surface being masked impacts the type of painter’s tape used.

Removing multi-surface FrogTape.

Paint Dry Time

The proper timing for tape removal to ensure the best results.

Painter removing painter's tape from baseboard.

Application & Removal

Proper painter’s tape application and removal.

Applying painter's tape in corner of wall on baseboard.

Taping Corners

The proper technique for maintaining clean corners with painter’s tape.


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Various tape types on shelf.

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