Tape Selector Guide

Explore the full selection of painting tapes from all ShurTech brands. View products sorted by key attributes or download our printable tape guide for a full listing of products and specifications.

Use the options on the left to sort the tape selection and narrow down the right tape for your job. 

Adhesive Strength
Application Conditions
AllNormal TemperaturesWarm TemperaturesElevated Humidity
Clean Removal Time (Days) with Direct Sunlight
All1 Day7 - 14 Days15+ DaysNA
Clean Removal Time (Days) with No Direct Sunlight
All3 Days or Less4 - 14 Days15+ DaysNA
Painted/Coated Surfaces
AllHard-To-Stick-To PaintsRoughSmooth
Uncoated/Other Surfaces
AllCarpet/FabricsHanging Poly-SheetingRoughSmooth