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Tape Related Education Videos

We don’t just make more tapes to make more tapes. We make them so you have the right tape for the right job. Some save time, some save money. Some do both. But all of them serve a purpose. Check out the videos to see what’s right for you.

Multi-Surface Painting Tapes

A key advantage of multi-surface painter’s tapes is clean removal. Find out more about how and when to use these tapes.

PaintBlock® Technology

Learn more about this technology, including how it seals tape edges to deliver super sharp paint lines.

Stucco Tapes

Heat, humidity, uneven surfaces and more are part of life in the stucco industry. These tapes are made for you.

Historia de Shurtape®

Somos uno de los fabricantes de cintas adhesivas más grandes de EE. UU. Vea cómo llegamos aquí.

Cintas adhesivas para estuco

El calor, la humedad, las superficies disparejas y más son parte de la vida en la industria del estuco. Estas cintas adhesivas están hechas para usted.