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What parts of an HVAC system require tape?

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Application

An HVAC system is comprised of an air supply side and an air distribution side. The air supply side pulls air in, it is conditioned either to warmer or cooler, and then pushed back out the air distribution side. This air has been conditioned.

Sealing this system is critical as efficiencies can be lost, unconditioned areas could receive conditioned air, and as air that is “compromised” (with moisture, dust, dirt, bacteria, insects, etc.) could enter the system.

There are several parts of an HVAC system that require tape:

  • It is critical for the air delivery system to be sealed with a code-compliant HVAC tape, since this is the part of the system that delivers conditioned air back into the living space
  • Parts of the air delivery system that also require sealing with tape include: duct joints, seams, junctions, and the area where the ductwork meets the air vent
  • The main trunk line is the primary delivery system for conditioned air and will require tape for the smaller duct lines that branch off of it. These are usually flexible duct lines
  • Another piece of the AC system that might need sealing is the air handler

Generally, any point that could be vulnerable for leak or contaminant infiltration should be sealed with HVAC tape in order to prevent poor indoor air quality.

With all of the conditions that can affect the way your tape performs, it is best to take the time to choose the appropriate tape that meets the specific requirements – this will ensure full system closure and code compliance.

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